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Hello there Re-Animated and Out of Jimmy's Head fans! If you ever wanted to create your own characters or write plots for upcoming sequels in the Re-Animated franchise, this is the wiki to do it in!

Originally, there was the Out of Jimmy's Head wiki which combined both official and fan created content. However, that wiki has since been abandoned. There is a Re-Animated Wiki but that is reserved for official content only.

For those who don't know, Re-Animated is a live action/animation film that was made in 2006 by Cartoon Network.

The film is about a 12 year old boy named Jimmy Roberts who goes to Gollyworld Theme park and gets into a terrible accident with its train. Because most of his brain is unsalvageable, he gets a brain transplant by the Gollyworld hospital that gives him the brain of Milt Appleday, a world famous animator and founder of Gollyworld Theme Park. After the transplant, Jimmy is able to see the cartoon characters that Milt had created. Out of Jimmy's Head is a show that was released in 2007 by Cartoon Nerwork. The show takes place after the events of Re-Animated. However, due to poor ratings and backlash from critics and Cartoon Network fans, the show was cancelled in 2008 with only 20 episodes under its belt.

With this wiki, you have free reign to create whatever Re-Animated/Out of Jimmy's Head related content you want!

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